Listed below are a variety of guitar and music related gear manufacturers who produce really great equipment. I have had personal dealings with many of these companies, always receiving prompt service and open lines of communication. These companies provide quality products at fair prices and deliver on their promised performance. Please consider giving these companies your business when you make your next purchase.

Chellee Guitars
Bare Knuckle Pickups
DiMarzio Pickups
D’Addario strings
Blue Chip picks
Jim Dunlop slides
Rhodes/KSR amps and cabs
Celestion speakers
JJ tubes
Stompin’ Ground pedal boards and cases
A variety of pedals from many brands, including: Chellee Guitars, Strymon, Fulltone, RMC, 3 Leaf Audio, Neo Instruments, Robert Keeley Electronics, MXR, Digitech, Boss, Electro Harmonix, TC Electronic
Shure mics
Mogami cable
Radial DI
Apogee converters and mic pres
ATS Acoustic panels

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