Since 1997 I have provided guitar instruction to students of all ages, styles and abilities in the greater Orlando area. Proprietary lesson materials are employed to address the specific needs of the individual student rather than using one size fits all method books.

While most students prefer weekly lessons in person. Some students may only need a few coaching sessions to tighten up their technique, theory, etc. Therefore, I began offering virtual lessons. Virtual lessons are a great option for students with busy schedules, or students who are geographically distant. Please contact me directly so we can discuss your goals.

Lesson materials will be made available from time to time either through social media such as youtube, instagram and facebook. So feel welcome to follow me on any or all of those social media platforms. Additionally, I will also be creating a page for you to purchase lesson materials such as tabs and transcriptions.

Over the years I have also taught at guitar clinics that are customized for each client’s needs. Clinic topics are not limited to but may include:

  • playing techniques
  • music theory
  • how to solo and improvise
  • how to manipulate gear to replicate famous tones
  • guitar and cab miking
  • mixing and recording techniques
  • professional transcription since 1997
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